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Gas-surface reaction dynamics

C. Crespos, G. Volpilhac, P. Larregaray, L. Bonnet, J-C. Rayez
PhD Students: L. Martin (EADS grant), E. Quintas (La Havane - Bordeaux)

  • Modelling of elementary mecanisms of gas / surface reaction

Atomic and molecular adsorptions, Eley-Rideal and Langmuir-Hinshelwood recombination
- Study of the dissociative adsorption of molecular N2 on a tungsten surface
- Determination of potential energy surfaces for gas / surface reactions (Modified Shepard algorithm)

Applications :
- Heterogeneous catalysis (H2/Pd, CH4/Ni)
- Plasma / Surface interactions (ITER project, atmospheric reentries)

Collaborations :
EADS Astrium (Bordeaux), ENS Lyon, CTP (Barcelona and San Sebastian),
Leiden(The Netherlands), Rosario (Argentina)

Selection of recent articles:
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C. Crespos, L. Martin, P. Larregaray, J.C. Rayez, E. Arquis, D. Conte,B. van Ootegem
Contribution to the microscopic description of heterogeneous chemistry at the surface of thermal protection systems of re-entry vehicles
Proceeding 1st International ARA Days 2006.

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