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Atmospheric Chemistry

M-T. Rayez, J-C. Rayez
PhD Students: G. Hantal (Besançon, Budapest, Bordeaux)

  • Study of the oxidation reactions of Volatile Organique Compounds (VOC) and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH) in the gas phase and in the heteogeneous medium

Reaction mecanisms
Kinetic parameters (activation energy, pre-exponential factor, branching ratio)
--> Chemical data useful for the Upper Troposphere - Lower Stratosphere (UTLS) models

Impacts on air pollution: Formation of ozone, fate of organic nitrates
Fate and effects of soot emitted by the planes...

Some examples: - Theoretical analysis of the branching ratio of the reaction: CH3C(O)O2 + HO
- Oxidation of PAH adsorbed on pure or activated substrates (graphite, silica)
- Fixation of water aggregates on graphenes with hydroxyl and/or carboxyl groups

ISM/LPTC (E. Villenave), Orléans (G. Lebras), Besançon (S. Picaud, P. Hoang), Créteil (J.F. Doussin), Bayreuth (C. Zetzsch)