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Pr. Frédéric Castet

Team & research projects

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires
Theoretical Chemistry & Modeling Group
Bât A12, 3ème étage est, B12
Université de Bordeaux
351, Cours de la Libération
F-33405 Talence, France
(+33) (0)5 4000 38 63

Current team members

Postdoctoral researcher, Ramon Areces fellow
Simulation of the Nonlinear Responses of Dye-Functionalized Lipid Bilayers

PhD candidate
Simulation of the nonlinear optical properties of photoresponsive self-assembled monolayers
Carmelo NAIM
PhD candidate
Codirection E. Matito, Univ. San Sebastian
Van der Waals interactions in the description of molecular nonlinear optical switches

Regular collaborations

Vincent RODRIGUEZ, ISM Bordeaux
Mireille BLANCHARD-DESCE, ISM Bordeaux
Benoit CHAMPAGNE, Univ. Namur
Luca MUCCIOLI, Univ. Bologna
David CASANOVA, Donostia Institute of Physcis and Chemistry, San Sebastian
Eduard MATITO, Donostia Institute of Physcis and Chemistry, San Sebastian
Claire TONNELE, Donostia Institute of Physcis and Chemistry, San Sebastian
Benoit LESSARD, Univ. Ottawa

Open positions

We are always looking for highly motivated researchers at both PhD and post-doc levels. Currently we do not have funds to hire new PhD and post-docs but if you are interested in working with us and you have a good academic record please contact us. We will aid and guide you in applying for public funding.

Training course projects for Bachelor or Master degree students are always available.

Current research projects

PHOtoresponsive Nonlinear Optical Monolayers (PHONOM)

The PHONOM project aims at designing self-assembled monolayers based on photoresponsive NLO switches, targeting primarily systems for applications in optical communication or data storage. The project relies on a multidisciplinary approach encompassing numerical simulations, molecular synthesis, surface engineering, and spectroscopic characterizations.

PHONOM webpage

Former team members

PhD 2017-2022
Codirection D. Casanova, Univ. San Sebastian
Computational studies on photophysical properties of molecular aggregates
PhD 2018-2021
Thesis defended on October 25, 2021
Simulation of second-order nonlinear optical properties of organic systems: from the isolated molecule to nanoparticles